Scary Stuff

Halloween 2016: the day I learned where I will serve for two years. Scary stuff.


On November 1st all trainees in my staj dispersed across Morocco to visit our sites. I won’t post the name of my site here for security purposes.

My site is a mid-size town of 18,000 people in mideastern Morocco, only around 50 miles from the Algerian border. The closest big city is Errachidia.
I will work both in the town and outside of it in a few duwars – such as the one pictured – which are sparse neighborhoods along a main road.
I first will live in this house in a duwar on the border of the town oasis and the desert mountains. The second story is currently under construction.
My host family is very patient and welcoming and great at cooking. I have parents, three sisters, and a little brother, plus two other brothers and another sister who live elsewhere.

I’m already in love with my site. I can’t wait to swear in as a volunteer and return here in December!

Author: Matt Rogers

Traveler, musician, documentary filmmaker, trying to do some good. ~Insta/Twitter/Vimeo: mattmigration~

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