Culture: I consider culture in three ways – national (when citizens of a country have similar values and practices), regional (when people in different parts of a country have similar values and practices), and individual (when each person or family has values and practices that differ from their neighbors’). I will refer to these three culures throughout my blog.

Dar chebab/Dar shabab: Arabic for “youth center”. I will likely conduct activities and classes in the dar shabab in my site. There are several ways to spell with the Latin alphabet, but these are the most common for me.

Darija: The Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

Language and Culture Facilitator (LCF): A temporary Peace Corps job for HCNs during Pre-Service Training. Their main purpose is to teach the local languages as well as help Trainees integrate into the community.

Peace Corps (PC): The U.S. government agency that provides trained Americans to requesting countries to help overseas communities develop and gain technical skills.

Peace Corps Trainee (PCT): The term used for volunteers who have not yet finished training and thus have not yet been sworn in as a volunteer.

Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV): The term used for volunteers who have been sworn in to PC.

Pre-Service Training (PST): Eleven weeks of language instruction, cross-cultural training, and technical skill development, starting around September 21st and ending around December 1st.

Mudir/Mudira: Director (of a dar shabab, community center, school, etc.).

Staging: One-day orientation in Philadelphia (September 19) where PC staff will address our expectations and lay out theirs.

Staj: Peace Corps Morocco’s term for “training group”. I am part of staj 98, the 98th group of volunteers to serve in Morocco. See the Staj 98 page.

Youth Asset Builder (YAB): My job as a PCV.

Youth Development (YD): One of PC’s six work sectors, the others being agriculture, education, environment, community economic development, and health. PC Morocco currently is home only to the YD sector, and it is in this sector that YABs work.