Staj 98

In the interest of Peace Corps’ Third Goal – sharing host country culture with Americans – here is a list of blogs by other members of Staj 98 (my training group):

Jesse Altman
Caitlyn Bess
Sarah Blakeney
Elmo Brackett
Krysten Bray
Maria Castine
Gabby Celani
Christopher Corazza
Ali Crain
Jon Delorme
Cassandra Ernst
David Eubank
Kate Gerry & Rob Stewart
Josh Griffin
Brooke Hieter
Kelsey Holmes
Casey Kaldahl
Elise Kambou
Meaghan Koudelka
Young Kwon
America L. Muñoz
Abbie Olson
Conor O’Malley
Kelly Parliament
Lea Phillips
Stephen Sajewski & Meredith Supinski
Julie Sherbill
Julia Smucker
Savanna Stern
Kim Valle
Micah Vaughan
Jess Wamala

Others will be added as they create and publicize their blogs. Check back soon!